Ways of doing things (14) Change of perspective, visibility or usage

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A slide show with several examples that show how a change of perspective, visibility or usage induces – sometimes – a change of values or  reverses the usual order of values.

  1. do the same elsewhere, e.g. an exhibition in an ancient prison, see Ways of doing things (5)
  2. let it make by… a machine (industry influenced art), another person or artist or by nature
  3. make with many “little” something big, e.g. the puzzles
  4. show the back side or the functional side, e.g. show the back side of a mirror
  5. use the porter as the support, use the color as a medium, e.g. to paint (wet) on paint (dry)
  6. convert the secondary into the main, e.g. convert preparation into your main activity and result, transform sketches into autonomous works or the hidden side into the visible side (todays discussion about private and public?)
  7. use another technique that looks similar from distance, e.g. rug making

How things are done in art can be an useful principle for creating new products or services in many business fields. Check out the CSID showroom  Medamothi, too. It is an open space for all types of visualizations. From business facts and charts to analytical art. Because there is more to visualization than just PowerPoint.

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