Ways of doing things (8) Teapots and saucers

How things are done in art can be an useful principle for creating new products or services in many business fields. And in arts and crafts? Here are several examples of teapots and saucers of an exhibition in Zurich. The items had been more or less transformed.

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Here are some working principles we detected:

  1. Multiply one part, e.g. the spout.
  2. Change one part, e.g. the handle: make it ergonomic / use one ore more different materials / make it figurative (a dragon) / make it geometric or more stylize.
  3. Change the form of the whole teapot, e.g. use several teacups to create a teapot (principle of contiguity or proximity).
  4. Print something on the saucer, e.g. a surprising or unusual element like the map of the restaurant or the underside of the saucer.

Check out our showroom, too. The CSID showroom Medamothi is an open space for all types of visualizations. From business facts and charts to analytical art. Because there is more to visualization than just PowerPoint.

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