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csid flower s idea detective

We detect and foster your best ideas in R&D and marketing/sales.
We find opportunities for commercialization.
We implement new services.
And we communicate innovative products to the Swiss market.

We have a broad experience in the health sector, but we work also with small companies active in a other fields. The 24h workshops offers them an infrastructure service adapted to their needs.

Our working principle is to put marketing into your innovations and innovation into your marketing.
Because you know that this is the only way to transform your good idea into a successful idea.


  • Situational Analysis >> Client: Publica Data, Bern/Zurich, Projects for Freelance. / Used method: Visualization of decision and work processes. Visualization clearifies your processus and structures all kind of work flows. Now it’s easier to take decisions and organize the next steps.
  • Ideation >> Client: Swiss Cantonal Banks – Hotel Hilton Basel / Used method: Pertinent, exhaustive and – if wished – even disruptif ideas with systematic ideation tools as developed in Visualinguistic.
  • Technology Transfer >> Client: The Ark, Valais / Used method: Tech Transfer Canvas is maybe the first ideation tool for that purpose.
  • Implementation >> Client: Claire & George – Hotelspitex, Bern, the holiday platform for people needing care support is a rare innovation in tourism and health. We helped implement this service and we were responsible for all digital questions.
  • Communicating innovation >> Client: Emedswiss, Fribourg (ongoing project for a online electronic health record). Really new products demand special communication skills. The visual language has to be new, but not shocking.
  • Unlocking innovation >> Simple tipps for small companies how to unlock their innovation potential. Read the series of posts (in French) Comment trouver la bonne idée? that resumes all the key points or contact us for the 24h workshop.


  • The 24h Workshop >> This infrastructure service enhances efficiency and it accelerates decision making for small companies. You can use it for different purposes: information round up, product development, strategy check up, clients’ feedback or employees’ commitment. Tested and approved for small companies: Click here for more information.



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Susanne Gäumann – Portrait


Special workshop: les 24 heures du changement – RoundUp Day


Nicolas Dengler – Portrait


Thierry Dagaeff – Portrait


Participation on projects by Life Science Communication, Zurich/Bern


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All clients – Tous les clients – Alle Kunden

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The Museum of Obsolete Ideas – Le musée des idées obsolètes – Das Museum der veralteten Ideen

The Museum of Obsolete Ideas – Le musée des idées obsolètes – Das Museum der veralteten Ideen […]