Decision tool for selecting the best media content for BKW FMB Energy Ltd. in Bern

BKW FMB Energy Ltd.

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The client is using several in-house media (paper and Internet) for a wide range of products and services.

All the departments produce a lot of articles and want to publish them in the media with the highest print run. It’s a very delicate matter to choose the right article for the right medium.

How can we render the processes of decision-making transparent to everybody in order to avoid frustration, and make that the company’s communication is more effective?

We translated the company’s philosophy into three guidelines that helped us develop the criteria for each medium (print and digital). The tool is presented as big poster, visible to everybody in the company.


Create a guiding and decision tool in order to…

  1. structure all the company’s media in a more “client-oriented” way
  2. orient the writers of articles to adapt their content to the right media
  3. choose in a transparent way the best articles for the right medium.

BKW FMB Energy Ltd. – Electricity for 1 million people
BKW FMB Energy Ltd (BKW) has been in business for over one hundred years. With energy sales of 26 Terawatt-hours and a workforce of approximately 2,800 employees in German and French-speaking Switzerland, it is one of the major Swiss companies integrated in the European grid.

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