Projects for individuals

CSID presents three special projects that were made for individuals and creative professionals. The first two are V-Element Mappings and operate on individual work techniques and the third project is a political-cultural analysis that describes the feasibility of a revolutionary agricultural method for the island of Mallorca/Spain.

Two V-Element Mappings
A v-element is the client’s work profile (the situational analysis) that can be used by the client as a tool to structure, re-orient, change or boost his work objectives. It is also a reflection on the codes of representation and the possibilities of explaining complex relations visually.

1. V-element for optimizing the client’s art and his commercial distribution for the painter FL (in French).
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2. V-element for innovating design for the designer GF (in French).
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Is it possible to re-green Mallorca with the Fukuoka method?
We analyzed the feasibility (political and cultural factors) of applying the revolutionary agricultural method of Fukuoka (“seed balls“) to re-green the island of Mallorca.
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