Handbook introduction

My first post: one reason to have this blog is to prepare the Handbook of CSID idea detectives. Over the years I have developed a structured way of proceedings and I have accumulated experiences, materials, images, books, tools and other practical bits and pieces.

It’s time to share my learnings and to discuss them here in public.

The aim of the Handbook of CSID idea detectives is to provide guidance, procedures and tools for detecting, analysing and putting into action any idea found in a client’s company.

The – temporary – structure of the Handbook follows the proven procedures as well:

  1. Ideas – General approach
  2. Goal – Define the goal with the client
  3. Preparation – Review market, general context and specific situation of the company
  4. Detection – History of ideas in the company, Corporate Scene Idea Detection
  5. Analysis – Analyse collected ideas and extract relevant information
  6. Put into action – Select ideas to get done immediately and do it
  7. Results – Control the results and the processus

How much time will it take to write the Handbook? One year is too optimistic, two years is too pessimistic. Let’s get it done until the end of 2010.

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