The Making of a Method for Detecting Ideas for a Technology Transfer

We show in this presentation – in French – how CSID executed a mandate and developed at the same time the method to solve the task.

This has been possible because the procedure we use is the same for every process that aims to find ideas that are solutions.

CSID had been contracted by The Ark, The Foundation for Innovation in Valais, to find ideas for exploiting a technology developed by The Idiap Research Institute. Click here to read the description of the mandate.

CSID has developed and tested – of our own initiative – the tool prototype for finding ideas methodically for technology transfers.

Every idea had to be a real possibility: an opportunity.

This are the two “canvases” we developed and used to find the exhaustive list of possibilities and to guarantee the pertinence of these possibilities. The description of the tool will follow soon.

Download the canvas HOW

Download the canvas WHAT

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