Empathy and Innovation (Water-Ring-Semantics #1)

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Empathy is one of the year’s words. How is it linked to innovation?

Every term in this chart is connected to both of the starting words “empathy” and “innovation”. You find an English and a French version in the slide show.

We call that kind of chart: Water-Ring-Semantics. The connotations are more floating and flowing at the same time than in a classical semantic field.

Read this article: Creating Great Ideas Takes Empathy by Douglas Maddock
Empathy is what matters for Karen Armstrong in “What matters now” of Seth Godin (free download).
Tweet by @nichibeiyouth: Social Innovation = Self innovation + empathy + action
Tweet by @mickyates: “Convergence of communication development with energy innovation drives change in human consciousness/empathy.” Jeremy Rifkin #thersa #quote
Tweet by @Anjul_yanK_UK: I like the idea of empathy as a way to thinking all the things I would never have thought of – maybe that’s just a fantasy.

About water rings:

Question – Please explain to me why when you throw a rock in water it continues to make rings in the water for a while instead of just one ring (which seems logical since there was only one penetration)? How do they keep generating from the same spot?
Darrin C. (age: 15)

Answer – When the rock penetrates the water it creates a cavity — a low spot in the water surface. When the displaced water rushes in to fill the cavity, it collides with itself and causes the water surface to have a bump on it — a high spot in the surface. When the bump collapses, it pushes water away, thereby creating another (smaller) cavity. The process repeats itself until the energy of the original displacement dissipates through intermolecular friction between water molecules.
ProfHoff 859

More answers here

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