Thierry Dagaeff – Portrait

The innovation provocateur

I am an Innovation-addict, executing with a lean approach. I spent most of the last 15 years in the digital space, and 6 years in innovation culture, analyzing trends, setting up innovation development processes, and defining and leading pioneering projects. Today, I deal with startups, business, creativity. I develop my business acumen and put it to the test of the market. On top of this, I developed a vision and practice of innovation that I can share with you to help nurture and execute innovation in your company.
Experience: Setup and execution of strategic innovative projects, in multidisciplinary and cross-functional contexts; innovation culture, innovation by design, consumer focus innovation; identification of trends & needs; communication & evangelization; IP protection; product scoping and requirement analysis/synthesis; lead of product development; software architecture, digital user experience, digital TV, Web, multimedia, mobile, embedded software; investment in startups, due diligences, company valuation.

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