The Museum of Obsolete Ideas – Le musée des idées obsolètes – Das Museum der veralteten Ideen

 Whatever idea you think is obsolete: Write it in the comments.
What are the obsolete ideas for start ups? Geolocalisation? Obsolete ideas in business, science or design? Or is business itself an obsolete idea? Is productivity an obsolete idea or just Filofax? Are children books an obsolete idea, or Facebook or car sharing or sunbathing or the American Dream or latte macchiatto or is the idea of a museum obsolete?

Tell us your obsolete idea in the comments!


PS. And here is the source of this idea: John Kenneth Galbraith in The New Industrial State(Revised & Updated), 1971, A Mentor Book, New York and Scarborough, Ontario, page 213: “The revised sequence sends to the museum of obsolete ideas the notion of an equilibrium in consumer outlays which reflects the maximum of consumer satisfaction.”



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