Ways of doing things (3)

Mix&Remix used 3 principles to change his work, he showed at CSID showroom Medamothi during winter 2008-2009. […]

Ways of doing things (6) “Sisyphus” A Drawing of Mix&Remix

How things are done in art can be an useful principle for creating new products or services in many business fields. The content of an art work can be also inspiring, of course. Here is an example: Mix&Remix made this drawing called “Sisyphus” he showed at CSID showroom Medamothi. […]

Ways of doing things (4)

The exhibition of Hanspeter Schmid at CSID showroom Medamothi is a source of many principles. Here is another one. […]

Ways of doing things (2)

A principle that is interesting for services. Any activity can become a business model. […]

Ways of doing things (1)

We show you 3 principles for innovation as seen in the exhibition of Hanspeter Schmid. […]

There is more to visualisation than diagrams

Visualisation is the main tool of an idea detective. It can be many things, not only flow charts and diagrams. And it can happen in different places, like in our showroom Medamothi where we bring together people from business and cultural fields. […]