Ways of doing things (1)

How things are done in art can be an useful principle for creating new products or services in many business fields. We find 2 principles applied to chicken mesh (cut and folded) and to cheap protection cover (painted) as you can see in the exhibition of Hanspeter Schmid.

– Change its function, e.g. lay down what is up and vice-versa.
– Make it special. Refine it, e.g. add one or more transformation steps to a product.

Hanspeter Schmid exhibition preparation

And a third principle that works with the contrasts.
– Approach or connect opposite elements, e.g. fur (soft, warm) and fence (hard, cold)

Hanspeter Schmid exhibition preparation

e.g. memories (immaterial) and wood (material).

19 Hanspeter Schmid at CSID showroom Medamothi 2009

The CSID showroom Medamothi is an open space for all types of visualizations. From business facts and charts to analytical art. Because there is more to visualization than just PowerPoint.

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