There is more to visualisation than diagrams

An idea detective discovers what is hidden, forgotten or not perceived. Most of the time he makes it visible. It’s a form of translation. He takes the ideas out of the depths of a company and presents them in a visual way so everybody can perceive and understand those ideas.

Visualization is the key tool of an idea detective. The results are not only flow charts and diagrams. And the discoveries take place in different arenas like in our showroom Medamothi where we bring together people from business, politics and a variety of cultural playing fields.

Here we can present classical and new ways of making things understandable. And here we can bring together people from different fields – business and cultural – in order to nourish the eye of the idea detective that everybody in fact is.

Yes, of course, you are an idea detective, too.

Pictures of the opening of CSID idea detectives, October 2008:

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”ideadetective” id=”72157622035162794″]


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