Implementation needs a well structured process and personal engagement. Ideas done? by Jonas Vonlanthen, Liip, Fribourg

Jonas Vonlanthen, Head of Strategic Projects West Switzerland at Liip (French homepage, English blog), Fribourg, answered to the question in French: “What percentage of your ideas do you actually carry out ?”.

This depends a lot on the process that helps the company canalize the ideas, he says. Liip has a well structured process of innovation. They have a sort of canvas. The challenge of an ideator consists in gaining the support from his or her colleagues. As soon as you have enough support in the company, your idea will get implemented.

Watch here the answer of Fabienne Steiner, Liip.

Interview made at the first-conference on Swiss Entrepreneurship, held at the College of Engineering and Architecture in Fribourg and organized by rezonance, June 15 2010.

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