A Focusing and Storytelling Project for Xavier Bertschy, xb83studio, Fribourg

This is an extract of the animated storyboard for the future stop motion video that will present the new web project of xb83studio. For confidentiality reasons we can’t unveil the whole story and there is no sound.

Young entrepreneur Xavier Bertschy, owner of xb83studio, Fribourg, contacted CSID to make the presentation concept – the storytelling – for his new web project. The presentation is aimed at investors and partners.

Focusing and Storytelling
xbstudio83’s project is still today in the conception phase and the vision presented to CSID was far too complex but very intriguing and promising. So we had first to structure and clarify the project before we could even start thinking of a good story. This was the focusing part of the project.

After having structured the project’s objectives and having made a situational analyses, it became clear that the initial idea of a paper presentation had to evolve. For this sophisticated web project, it is more appropriate – and more fun for the viewer – to create a stop motion video that is able to convey emotion and professionalism, at the same time.

That’s why CSID fostered this best solution and developed an animated storyboard for the future video of presentation. This kind of animated storyboard is very interesting, too. Because Xavier Bertschy can already use it for some of his presentations.

9 Steps towards a personal storytelling

<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsjrXw4Pj" target="_blank">Click to View</a>

This slideshow describes the steps of how CSID developed the storytelling and the animated storyboard.
You can download the PDF here xb83studio – 9 steps or watch it on SlideShare, too.

xb83studiois a web and multimedia company in Fribourg. They are known for the file management system for mobile sites Skeeble and the Swiss tourist e-guide CityOnline (the website is not active anymore. April 4, 2011).

Xavier Bertschy has participated in our video-survey “Ideas done“, too.

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