Mapping project -in German- with multiple objectives for Publica Data AG, Bern/Zurich

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Though this project is from 2004 –that is before CSID–, we included it here for two reasons. One is because of its mix of analysis and visualization. And the second is because it shows sometimes proposing a shift of perception can be a form of innovation. We proposed for the mapping the perspective of “data flow”, and not the usual “the-company-is-the-center-of-the-world”. The style is sober on purpose.

Today the organization, as described in our project, has changed, but the complexity remains the same.


  1. Mapping of all the software tools, work processes and stakeholders of Publica Data and in general of the whole context of official Swiss media research.
  2. Prepare the fundamental mappings for a future digital knowledge data base.
  3. Introduce step-by-step new employees into the company’s work and context.

Publica Data AG belongs to Mediapulse Foundation for Media Research. The main goal of the company is to market the data of the media and audience research of Mediapulse Foundation for Media Research. This data consists mainly from continuous, quantitative research of the TV & Radio consumption and Internet media in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Publica Data AG has offices in Berne and Zollikon (Zurich).

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