Shall you monetize ideas? Ideas done? by Simon Sinek, Start with Why, New York

Shall you monetize ideas? Simon Sinek, CEO of Sinek Partners/Start with Why, New York, answered to more than one question at CreaDigital Day in Geneva. […]

Max-Carlos Martinez at the CSID showroom Medamothi, June 12 – July 24 2010 (resume).

For the fist time in Europe, solo exhibition “Buffalo Girls” of the painter from New York, Max-Carlos Martinez, at the CSID showroom Medamothi. June 12 – July 24 2010. […]

Max-Carlos Martinez painting in Combremont-le-Petit, June 14 2010


“Buffalo Girls” by Max-Carlos Martinez, painter from New York, will open Saturday June 12 at CSID showroom Medamothi

For the first time in Europe, Max-Carlos Martinez will show his paintings at Medamothi. The title of his solo exhibition will be “Buffalo Girls” […]