2 Forgotten attributes of innovators: patience and adaptability. And a third one.

The word innovation stands for activity and achieving your dreams. “Innovation” evokes dynamism, courage and strength. When we hear and say this word, it’s like getting a kick. The more innovative, the more alive we feel, don’t we? But innovators don’t often talk about how much time it takes to innovate and how patient you need to be. “Patience” is not a sexy word.

Furthermore, who likes to talk about the rather painful process of having to change the initial vision and adapt it to evolving contexts? Today similar innovations appear simultaneously in different places. New behaviors emerge because of new tools. And innovators have to integrate those aspects and are often forced to adapt their vision or even stop a product. All this makes it even harder to be patient.

Well, one innovator has the courage to talk about all this on his blog:  Raphael Briner of HyperWeek. As the post is in French I will make a short summary. Raphael Briner writes that they are already 3 years (patience!) working on HyperWeek that started as a data exchange platform and today has evolved (adaptability!) to a social software vendor. (Check HyperWeek out!)

But he talks about much more, too. About all (!) the tools they are using like Python, pip, virtualenv, Django or Fabric, and what kind of innovation they are aspiring as shown in this video of Jesse Schell.

And this is a third forgotten attribute: generosity. Innovators are generous with their time, and they share their experience and knowledge with everybody. Generosity, adaptability and patience are the hidden part of any innovation process. And yes, sometimes they are the toughest part.

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