Why are always the not-so-good ideas implemented? Ideas done? by Raphael Briner, HyperWeek, Geneva

Raphael Briner, founder of HyperWeek, Geneva, answered to the question in French: “What percentage of ideas are actually carried out in your company?”. He says 20% are carried out. But only the not-so-good ideas are implemented. The good ideas are always dropped.

Update: Raphael Briner answered yesterday on Facebook with his usual humor  to the question, why are always the not-so-good ideas implemented?
“Some possibilities: good ideas can be too sharp, generous, expensive, unreachable, non-applicable, simple or complex… In my case, it’s also because my good ideas are not-so-good, and the not-so-good become good.”
Does this mean we should be careful not to judge an idea too hastily? Yes, says the idea detective.

Interview made at the TechnoArk Conference (watch the time laps video) in Sierre/Siders, 29 January 2010.

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