If you carry out an idea of others, the success depends on your free choice, personal motivation and power, and on the feasibility and fascination of that idea. Ideas done? by Valerie Devanthery, idiap research institute, Martigny

Valerie Devanthery, Program Manager, idiap research institute, Martigny answered to the question in French: “What percentage of ideas are actually carried out in your company?”.

She says, as she only carries out – most of the time – her own ideas or ideas she has chosen, the percentage is 99 to 100%.

For the ideas of others, she has several criteria: her personal motivation and acceptance, ideas she considers interesting, ideas she feels is possible to implement, or ideas that are within her power.

Anyway, when she has chosen an idea to carry out, she puts all her energy into it.

Interview made at a First conference (rezonance) on Networking (réseautage) at the Centre Patronal in Paudex/Lausanne, March 4.

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