Very few ideas are implemented. Ideas done? Yves Pigneur, director of ISI HEC, University of Lausanne

Yves Pigneur, director of the ISI HEC, of the University of Lausanne (UNIL), co-author of the book “Business Model Generation”, answered to the question in French: “What percentage of ideas are actually carried out in your company?”. Many ideas, but few are implemented. He says 1%. No, not more. (Is it a surprise that the two authors have the same percentage?)

Thanks to you, too, for that inspiring conference and for the first business book ever that combines intelligence and design.

Interview made after the conference “Business Model Generation” (Get the great book!), Wednesday 2 December 2009, Hôtel Alpha-Palmiers, Lausanne. The speakers were Alexander Osterwalder (his blog here), Dr. HEC Information Systems, and
Yves Pigneur, director of the Institute for Information Systems, Lausanne, of the University of Lausanne (UNIL), authors of the book Business Model Generation. Organized by The Graduates MBA HEC, Lausanne.

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