Every idea helps you to evolve. Ideas done? by Bruno Chanel, ABCYB, Geneva

Bruno Chanel, owner of ABCYB, Geneva, answered to the question in French: “What percentage of ideas are actually carried out in your company?”. He says he has 4-5 ideas a day and he carries out maybe 10%. Nonetheless, every idea helps you to evolve, even those which are not carried out.

Interview made at the FIRST conferenceWeb 2.0, 5 years later” organized by Lift conference and Rezonance, 9 December 2009. Round table with Olivier Glassey , Head of Research Unit at OSPS-UNIL, Arnaud Grobet of LABEL , Claudia Gonzalez-Gisiger of Global Fund and Jean-Henry Morin of the University of Geneva . Moderator: Laurent Haug, Lift conference. Introductions by Genevieve Morand, Rezonance, and Nicolas Nova, Lift conference.

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