Anne E. Michie opening – RISK-IN/G DISCLOSURE – at the CSID showroom Medamothi, Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vernissage, Saturday, October 23, at 18:00.

The artist will be present.

Exhibition lasts till Saturday, November 27, 2010.
For visits, please, call 079 762 54 25.
Find us on Google Map.

Risk-in/g Disclosure. Let’s take a risk in showing, sharing, telling & trusting.

Anne.E. Michie is a well established, award winning British artist, long resident in Barcelona. She has exhibited her work extensively over the last 30 years, in various European countries. It is with great pleasure that she embarks on this fourth exhibition as curated by the French curator par excellence, Brigitte Rambaud: a woman who brings her unique understanding of art and artists to encourage projects and exhibitions unfound, though much sought, elsewhere. The Medamothi Showroom in Combremont-le-Petit, near Lausanne, Switzerland provides such a gallery space to house these beautiful explorations.

In this show, “RISK-IN/G DISCLOSURE” Anne.E. Michie takes the idea of risk and the risks involved when making, then exhibiting art: risks of first expressing those personal, inner urges and images out into the material world and then exhibiting them to the public.

Starting with oneself as an artist, inside, travelling outwards onto paper or cloth, all those potentially fragile pictures gain strength and beauty, once materialised, seen and shown abroad.

This show relies on her navigation of sewn words and lines, narratives to tell stories of love: 137 hand embroidered handkerchieves which celebrate the end of an affair, reaching restoration and renewal, all fractures healed;  the coronation, death and renaissance of an English Queen as shown in a hand ‘sown’, curiously blooming olive tree.

Finally, there is the poem written and sent to the artist by the writer, painter and critic, John Berger and transformed into art, at his behest.

All in all, you are invited to share in a rich flowering of works, well worth the visit and well worth the risks involved in their making, their disclosure. Hope you can make it !

Anne.E. Michie. Barcelona. 2010.

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