Eight videos showing some side-views of the 6th performance festival LA MUGA CAULA in Les Escaules (Figueras), Catalonia (Spain)

The 6th performance festival LA MUGA CAULA in the village Les Escaules near Figueras is a wonderful place to discover great people and generous artists. Check the webpage. The idea detective had been invited to perform and present CSID.

Here are eight videos showing OFF-events, spontaneous performances, the life of dogs and cats, landscapes and some backstage ambiance.

BEFORE AND THREE HOURS LATER. The very first day of the festival the famous waterfall – Duchamp, Man Ray and Dalì visited it – partly collapsed. Nobody was injured. People used to walk underneath it or to take a bath in the natural pool. This video is kind of a ex voto.

LANDSCAPE above the village LES ESCAULES near Figueras.

BREAKFAST of Monika Guenther and Ruedi Schill.

DOG 1. Nicola Frangione is hugging a dog.

DOG . Monday after the festival. Almost everybody had left. Othman Fekraoui is trying to feed another dog.

THE MAGICIAN. Nelson Hausmann, better known as the man with a camera, entertains some children.

WHERE THE CATS SLEEP. How do cats choose the best place?

USUAL 1. The 1st Iberian Congress of Organizers of Live Art Programs, Festivals and Meetings was conceived with the intention of creating an effective way to increase the exposure of the numerous live art events and programs that exist in the Iberian Peninsula at this moment in time, as well as to create a network of collaboration and debate.


You will see Joan Casellas (founder and performance artist himself) and the invited artists Bartolomé Ferrando (Valencia), featured artist, one of the pioneer action poets in Spain, who has curated international performance art events at IVAM in Valencia and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Josep Asunción (Catalonia), Gemma Gausch (Catalonia), Valentin Torrens (Spain), Carme Viñas (Catalonia), Oscar Abril Ascaso (Catalonia), Vassya Vassileva (Bulgaria), Othman Fekraoui (Morocco), Nicola Frangione (Italy), Monika Günther and Ruedi Schill (Switzerland and Germany), Orion Maxted (UK) and Siân Robinson Davies (UK). And Teresa, Agnes, Ingrid Danckaerts, Joan Ramirez, Nelson Hausmann and many more.

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