Ways of doing things (15) Ceramic of Xambaud

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How things are done in art can be an useful principle for creating new products or services in many business fields.

This is a ceramic of two parts by Xambaud from 2010. Here are some principles that help us treat a theme, in this case “cup and saucer”, in a more open way.

Do what you should NOT do/reduce or alter functionality:

  1. make a hole
  2. make it irregular
  3. make it sharp and rough
  4. don’t paint it everywhere/be unfinished
  5. put the cup handle inside
  6. show the backside, show how it is made

Invert the hierarchy or the priorities:

  1. make the saucer bigger than usual
  2. make the saucer more “special” than the cup

Make the interdependent elements autonomous:

  1. change the proportions between cup and saucer
  2. make the saucer “sculptural”
  3. open it up to other connotations or uses, e.g. make it artistic
  4. do not make the parts to be assembled

Make the parts, when put together, become another “one”.

Is it still a cup and a saucer? Or has it become ambiguous?

Check out the posts of the CSID showroom  Medamothi, too. It is a gallery and an open space for all types of visualizations. We consider art as a laboratory of making perceptible. Because there is more to visualization than just PowerPoint.

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